About Me

Sally Rugalaq

Who am I?

I am a painter, jewelry designer, photographer, and digital artist. My work has been described as peaceful, atmospheric, vibrant, and expressive.

My Inspiration

The mountains and open deserts of New Mexico are my home, but I haven't always lived here. As a child in Michigan, I loved our small house in the woods and enjoyed observing the seasons and the changes they brought for the local flora and fauna.

As an adult I have found that I love nature and animals because I often find a profound inner joy in the presence of quiet, beautiful miracles. At home I have a flower garden and a pair of wonderful furry children that amaze and entertain. Observation and introspection make me a better artist and contribute to my artistic vision.

Why practice so many art forms?

I love them all, so why not? It brings creative variety to my life.

Photography takes me outside both physically and emotionally. It is all about capturing that beautiful, wonderful light that surrounds us, but is often ignored by daily rituals. My best photographs usually capture peaceful moments and illuminate what is actually there.

Paintings extend beyond observation into personal feelings and emotions. A painting can be anything, realistic or not. When I paint I experience pure freedom, flow, and self-expression.

I am somehow naturally drawn toward symmetry and my digital art usually celebrates it. I start with a photograph or image of a painting and work with it until I see something interesting emerge.

Jewelry allows me to share my photography, paintings, and digital art in new ways. I see these creations as tiny wearable packages of love.

Empowering Wishes

I hope my art transports, delights, and empowers you to be your true self. Owning is an investment that will bring you happiness and repeating joy each time you view or wear it.

My Love

I have an amazing spouse who understands and celebrates the fact that I was born to do this work. We often ponder life’s most meaningful questions and these conversations challenge us both to think in new ways.

What's next?

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